My Campaign

Dear Neighbors, 

I want to put the needs of the people of District 1 first and do what's best for our city and quality of life. I am here to make your voice heard at the decision-making table. 

From talking to many of you already this is what I am hearing and what I would prioritize as your council member: 

  • Stop the massive 2,949 unit Fanita Ranch development
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Improve the roads and sidewalks
  • Have town halls to provide you with information on what's going on in our city
  • Reduce crime and homelessness
  • Enforce fire codes and regulations
  • Expand the library or give it its own building
  • Open a senior center

I support the Santee General Plan Protection Initiative and am appalled that the City Council asked for a study which delays the vote until 2020. We need to protect Santee from overdevelopment and increased traffic congestion. I am not against development, but I am for responsible development. We need development that our infrastructure can support. Development that will not add to our traffic gridlock and that we can protect from fire dangers. Most importantly we need development that falls within our General Plan. We need to have the infrastructure in place before increasing density. Let's prioritize alleviating traffic and not make it worse by adding 6,000+ vehicles to our roads with Fanita Ranch.    

City Council members tell us that we need more development in Santee. Specifically, they say we need Fanita Ranch because of the revenue the city would receive from the project. However, while Santee has continued to grow, the city has not gotten out of its budget shortfalls. The city is so deep in debt that Santee may be considered financially irresponsible by 2020. I want to bring innovative and creative solutions to increase revenue and reduce our budget shortfalls.  

It's time to update the city's technology. City Council meetings should be live streamed and accessible to anyone interested in the issues impacting our community.  We need an efficient and streamlined paperless permitting process to make it easier for homeowner's and small businesses to obtain permits.

I hear your concerns about your high bills from SDGE, myself included. I want to explore other options such as Community Choice Energy for cleaner power at a competitive price, which could also generate revenue for the city. We also need to propose measures to incentivize residents to purchase solar panels and new developments to be energy-efficient. This not only helps to reduce energy costs but would help Santee meet state emission reduction targets for 2035.  

I support the Santee Term Limits Initiative. Elections should be fair and accessible to all and incumbents have a significant advantage. We must make sure that our representatives represent the people and not developers or their own financial interest.

Politicians time and again make promises they can't keep. Let me be clear, I am not here to offer false promises. What I can promise, however, is that this is what I stand for and what I will fight for as your elected official. I value transparency and as part of that I vow to always be honest and make time to hear what your concerns are.  

Please call, text, or email me. I want to meet you, listen to your concerns, and be the council member you deserve.


How You Can Help

I can't win this race without your help! This is a grassroots campaign, please contact me if you are able to help with any of the following:

◆ Display a Yard Sign in Front of Your Home

◆ Host a Meet & Greet at your Home

◆ Drop off Door Hangers, Deliver Yard Signs or Wave Signs

◆ Canvass Door-to-Door or Phone-bank

◆ Donate, every dollar helps!

**** Not interested in the above, that's ok! We can find ways to utilize any skills or interests you may have. Let me know how else you'd like to help. Thank you! ****


  • Your contribution is an opportunity to be part of something bigger. 
  • This is a grassroots campaign and every dollar has a big impact! Please contribute anything you can or volunteer. 
  • I am not taking money from developers!
  • Under Santee election rules PAC and company donations are not allowed. Campaign law limits contributions to $700 per person or $1,400 per couple. Political contributions are not tax deductible.
  • Contribute By Check