About Me

I love the City of Santee and would like to be a voice for the community. My family and I moved to Santee from El Cajon after often finding ourselves in the shopping centers and beautiful parks. We wanted a safe place where my nephew could play outside and my husband and I could raise a family. Santee has lived up to our expectations of a city where my husband and I will start a life together and I want to preserve that quality of life for all residents. Having lived in many areas of our state I have seen both successful and unsuccessful programs and bring that knowledge and experience to Santee. After speaking with many residents in District 1 I hear their desire for change within the City Council and want to bring a fresh voice and perspective to the community

With a bachelor’s degree from the UC system, I bring years of experience planning, implementing and managing multiple projects and roles in ambiguous and rapidly changing environments. I am a website developer, have co-founded my own business and bring an entrepreneurial spirit to the City Council. I bring years of management experience from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, where I received the Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award and the Sally Bellows Community-Building Award. I oversaw a $6M program budget, including state/federal/private grant management. I have experience writing and winning grants. I chaired the Staff Advisory Council representing all of the school's staff members. My work led to increased transparency and accountability of the Dean’s executive suite, improved school-wide communication, 360-degree evaluations of senior management, and improved overall satisfaction for staff. I also served on the Dean's Advisory Council and advised the Dean on budget, staffing, and resource allocation best practices. I brought staffs' voice to the decision-making table and would do the same for Santee citizens.

I have volunteered with many organizations supporting low-income families on topics ranging from college admissions to substance abuse and addiction. I have also volunteered with the Teach in Prison Program helping inmates attain their GED.



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  • This is a grassroots campaign and every dollar has a huge impact! 
  • I am not taking any money from developers! 
  • Under Santee election rules PAC and company donations are not allowed. Campaign law limits contributions to $700 per person or $1,400 per couple. Political contributions are not tax deductible.
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